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4/16/2020How long does the silicone milk bottle sterilize and cook?

1. How long does the silicone milk bottle sterilize and cook?

       Silicone baby bottles are easy to be heated, so the heating time should not be too long or too short. It only takes 5 minutes to achieve the effect of disinfection. If the time is too long, it will accelerate the aging of the bottle. You may need to change the bottle frequently. If the time is too short, the hot water will not completely kill the bacteria in the bottle.

   2. So how to distinguish the quality of silicone milk bottles?

Judge by pressing. The feel of silicone is very similar to the smooth texture of human skin. Good silicone will not feel hard and should be soft and delicate. Baby holding the silicone bottle can feel the mother's warmth, which will help calm the baby without making the baby irritable, but also increase the baby's EQ.

You can check whether it is convenient to use. The design of the silicone milk bottle emphasizes the details, because the designer considers that the baby loves to bite the nipple, and the nipple is a consumable item. All parts of a good silicone baby bottle can be taken out and can be attached to another bottle. If it is a bad product, you will find that the parts of the two feeding bottles cannot be replaced with each other. Silicone products are prone to dust, so some parts around the bottle should be frosted.

   3. How often does the silicone bottle change? How long can silicone milk bottles last?

   Under normal circumstances, silicone milk bottles do not require frequent replacement because of their special materials, and only need to be disinfected regularly. However, if the silicone bottle is more worn, it should be replaced within half a year.

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