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3/31/202020 problems with silicone baby bottles

KEAN silica gel in shenzhen silica gel products industry has more than 10 years, although mainly in the face of outdoor silica gel products, but there is more understanding of other silica gel products, today we will talk about the silicone bottle 20 common problems.

1. How long does it take to sterilize the silicone bottle?

Silicone bottle is easy to heat, so the heating time should not be too long or too short, only need 5 minutes to have the curative effect of disinfection.If it takes too long to age the bottle, it may need to be changed frequently, and if the hot water does not kill the bacteria in the bottle completely.

2. So how to distinguish the quality of silicone bottles?

Tell by pressing.The feel of silicone is very good similar to human skin has smooth texture, good silicone will not have a hard feeling should be soft and delicate.The baby holding the silicone bottle can feel the warmth of the mother, which is conducive to comforting the baby and not making the baby irritable, and can also increase the baby's emotional intelligence.

You can check whether it is convenient to use.The design of the silicone bottle adds to the details, as the designer considers that babies love to bite on the nipple, which is easy to consume, and the silicone bottle is designed as a detachable device.All the parts of a good silicone bottle are detachable and can be put on another bottle.If the product is inferior, it will be found that the parts of the two bottles are not interchangeable.Silica gel products are prone to dust, so the bottle should be around part of the scrub.

3. How often do silicone bottles change?How long can the silicone bottle last?

According to the normal situation, the silicone bottle does not need to be changed frequently because of its special material, just need to be sterilized regularly.But if the silicone bottle wear is more serious, it should be replaced within half a year.

4.3 months of the baby with silicone bottle is it ok?

Above all, the safe coefficient of silicone nursing bottle is high, and suit the baby of all ages, do not contain harmful material, water resistance and moistureproof sex is very good also, stability is very good also can put more than 1 year and won't deteriorate.General silicone bottle design is very good will not produce milk leakage phenomenon, can also avoid the baby inhaled too much air leading to bloating, stomach pain.

Secondly, as the growth of the baby like to hold their own bottle to drink milk, this time to choose silicone baby bottles do not need to worry about safety issues.Won't break easily, won't hurt to the baby, and although glass nursing bottle is better also, but the malpractice that exists fragile, plastic nursing bottle bears high temperature not good also not ideal.

And silicone bottle can prevent the residue of many chemical components, healthy for the baby's diet is good, and does not contain any environmental hormones, the use of disinfection method can also be used casually, not easy deformation, but also healthy and safe.From the safety of silicone bottle is an ideal choice, can be safely used for 3 months of baby.

6. What are PC bottle, pp bottle, ppsu bottle and silicone bottle respectively?

PC bottles: PC plastic bottles are light, resistant to breaking, more brands, low price, easy to buy, and beautiful and bright design;But high temperature sterilization (over 100 degrees) tends to release bisphenol A (BPA), and the longer it is used, the more it is released. Bisphenol A may disrupt the body's metabolic process, affect infant development, immunity, and even cause cancer.

PP bottle: PP bottle high chemical stability, good health performance, high heat resistance, microwave tableware is generally PP plastic products, non-toxic, harmless to human body, the cheapest price;However, the life is the shortest, long-term high temperature resistance time is the shortest, and easy oxidation, corrosion resistance is not good, no PC material bottles beautiful.

PPSU bottles:Material PPSU for the peace of mind, do not contain carcinogenic chemicals endocrine disruptors (environmental hormone: bisphenol A (bpa), widely used in medical equipment. PPSU as A kind of excellent heat resistance materials, heat resistant temperature as high as 207 degrees, according to repeated high temperature boiling, steam sterilization, vacuum and high pressure disinfection, hospital microwave disinfection and sterilization of liquids. PPSU material has A good resistance and resistance to acid, alkali, affordable generally potions and detergent cleaning, won't produce chemical changes. PPSU bottles confirmed by test does not contain bisphenol A toxin, with glass bottles of non-toxic, plastic PC bottle is lightsome and three big breaking is not brokenSuperior characteristics.

Silicone bottle: silica gel or a kind of material will breathe, even at room temperature, milk is not easy to deteriorate, in the cold or frozen can better maintain the freshness of breast milk.Silicone bottle as soft as skin feeling, will have a stabilizing effect on the baby's mood.Washing, disinfection is convenient, can thoroughly clean the various parts of the bottle, do not need a bottle brush can also be cleaned clean.Also, disinfecting in boiling water or in the microwave won't cause distortion.

7. Is the baby's bottle glass or silicone better?

Generally speaking, the bottle of newborn baby is glass bottle will be better.When the children are older, they can start using silicone bottles instead.Glass bottle has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high safety, heat insulation performance is also higher.In addition, the glass bottle transparency is good, long time use is not easy to wear scale, the bottle will not quickly become fuzzy.

However, glass bottles are relatively easy to break more heavy, but also need to pay attention to the rapid occurrence of thermal expansion and cold contraction will cause bursting.The silica gel has good stability and maintains good elasticity at about 200℃.Sealed at room temperature and impervious to moisture, it will not deteriorate after at least one year.But to pay attention to counterfeit silicone bottles, do not buy fake products.

8. How to clean silicone baby bottles?

Use milk brush, generally speaking, the milk brush that can have those to clean baby bottle technically on market is peddled, with rise also can compare convenient.Mothers can save time and effort by washing bottles with a milk brush.

Can boil a bottle with boiling water, if the baby's silicone bottle stained with hard to clean the stains, mothers can boil the water, the bottle down to boil for a while, the temperature of the hot water is conducive to the dissolution of the stain and cleaning.And the use of boiling hot water to clean the bottle, to a certain extent can also achieve the effect of sterilization.

Can use bottle cleaning agent, on the market will generally sell bottle cleaning agent, it is also very convenient to use.Before cleaning the bottle, mothers wash the baby's silicone bottle thoroughly with water and bottle, and then boil it in a disinfecting pot.

Can use microwave oven, microwave oven and boiling water are actually the same principle and effect.Mothers can disinfect a bottle in the microwave after washing it.

9. Which is better insulated, glass or silicone bottle?

Newborn USES the good of glass, the molecular stability that any material is inferior to glass is high, and do not have the release of any chemical composition.And the insulation effect of glass, the effect that protect milk is better than other material, and easy clean.

10. How to sterilize the newly bought silicone baby bottle?

Pay special attention to bottlenecks and spirals.When cleaning the nipple should be turned over to clean the nipple, if there is milk condensation on the nipple, you can use hot bubble for a while, after the milk stains become soft to brush off.To keep the nipple drain open, sterilize the nipple at least once a day.

Silicone bottles can be disinfected in boiling water or in the microwave without causing deformation.Silicone bottle than the general plastic bottle heat resistance, a long time disinfection will not have a problem.The main thing to remember is to disinfect once a week.

11. How about two-in-one silicone glass baby bottle?

Silicone glass two-in-one bottle composition: gaopeng glass + silicone protective layer + cl-26ab liquid silica gel glue layer, this kind of use of liquid silica gel hot sulfurization injection molding process, in the role of silica gel glue gaopeng glass material hot bonding together.

In recent years, some also adopt self-adhesive liquid silica gel material and high-peng glass bottle two-layer structure, which is A kind of bottle processing technology: cl-2680 self-adhesive liquid silicone rubber at room temperature, according to A:B mass ratio, mixed evenly and sprayed on the washed glass surface.Bake the gelatinized glass bottles in the oven.

Silica gel glass nursing bottle comprehensive silica gel, glass material advantages and disadvantages, than the glass nursing bottle resistant to fall, can be broken after the protection of the lotus root can be done;Better than the glass bottle ironing performance, silicone temperature protection reminder, but also the effective reminder for the baby nursing mothers;Price in the middle of silicone, glass bottles.

12. Are anti-flatulence silicone baby bottles useful?

Anti - flatulence silicone baby bottles really do work.Functional bottles can help prevent hiccups, vomiting and abdominal pain compared to regular bottles.In the use of traditional bottle feeding process, many parents can find the baby encountered hiccups, milk vomiting, and the reason and the choice of bottle also has a great deal of connection.

Because the use of traditional bottle feeding baby, as a result of the bottle's poor recovery effect, the air in the bottle will produce a certain pressure with the reduction of milk, resulting in the baby can not suck out the milk and still vigorously absorb, thus inhaling a lot of air, air into the baby's belly, will produce baby vomiting milk and even abdominal pain and other symptoms.So, at this time, a functional anti-flatulence bottle is very good to help the mother to solve the problem of baby vomiting milk.

Functional anti - distension bottle, using the international new and practical patent anti - distension design.The air enters the bottle from the anti-expansion air port in the bottle, the design function can balance the air pressure in the bottle at any time, let the baby suck smoothly, truly realize the baby free milk intake without inhaling the air, effectively prevent the baby due to flatulence caused by burping, milk, abdominal pain.

13. Are silicone baby bottles safe?

Although the silicone bottle is plastic, but the silicone in the production of environmental hormones, and after testing, generally will not produce safety problems, so the safety of silicone bottle mothers can not worry about.If you use silicone milk bottles, milk in the usual temperature is not easy to bad.

In addition to the safety and reliability of silicone, silicone bottle is also a soft bottle, its soft touch can not only make the baby feel comfortable, but also bring comfort to the baby, let the baby in the milk to get a sense of security and comfort.And the washing of silica gel disinfection is also more convenient, when high temperature disinfection silica gel deformation is not very easy.The characteristics of silicone high temperature resistance also determine that the silicone bottle in high temperature for a long time disinfection will not affect its use.

Generally speaking, the service life of silica gel is also relatively long, so mothers in the baby to choose a bottle, can choose a higher price, can use a little longer time bottle.In the process of using the baby, only need to replace the nipple can be used for a long time.

14. Does the silicone bottle still work when it turns yellow?

Don't use the silicone bottle if it turns yellow.Generally speaking, if the silicone bottle has turned yellow, is the result of the natural oxidation this is especially hard to recover, so it is suggested to timely replace bottle, no matter what things are all have a life, bottles too general, suggestion is change every year, if the baby is less than six months, every eat for cleaning and sanitation.

15. What if the silicone bottle doesn't open?

The reason why the silicone bottle cannot be opened is that the pressure difference between inside and outside is relatively large. When cleaning the bottle, hot water is used. After cleaning, the cap of the bottle is directly tightened.When the air in the bottle cools down, the external pressure is greater than the internal pressure, which makes it difficult to open.At this point you can tap the bottom like a can and it's easier to open.

It's easier to open a bottle if you have the same internal and external pressure. The way to restore the pressure inside the bottle is to soak the bottle in hot water.As the temperature increases, there is no pressure difference between inside and outside and it is easier to open.

In the process of opening in order to avoid wet increase friction, be sure to wipe the bottle cover clean, bare hands can not be opened on a dry towel or wear more friction gloves.If is the treasure mother's own strength is really limited, so the purchase of a special open cap of the rotary cap to assist is also very necessary.

16. Are silicone baby bottles harmful to health?

It is not harmful, because it contains no bisphenol A, which protects the baby's health (according to FDA standards).

In addition, the bottle surface scrub treatment, when the baby touch the bottle with small hands, conducive to the baby's emotional stability,

Unique valve single guide hole, belly must choke milk, abdominal distension and other discomfort;As a silicone bottle manufacturers.

Easy to clean the soft bottle even without the use of silicone bottle brush can also clean clean.There may be some odor at the beginning of use, wash it and let it dry for a while.

17. How does the silicone milk bottle taste after disinfection?

Hot water disinfection can not remove the smell is likely to be false silicone bottle, under normal circumstances to buy back the new silicone bottle how to remove the smell, the simplest method is to boil with hot water for 2 to 3 minutes, and then put in the ventilation position to pass the wind, basically very quickly can remove the smell.Silicone bottle non-toxic harmless, light and soft, easy to clean, high temperature resistance, good stability, not easy to deformation and deterioration, so it can be used to judge the quality of silicone bottle.

18. Can silicone baby bottles be heated in the microwave?

Yes, microwave mode, microwave is the rapid vibration of the water molecules to heat, boiling, steam, ultraviolet high temperature sterilization can be, most of the baby bottles heat temperature is more than 100℃.Light wave mode cannot be used. Light wave is baked at high temperature by lamp, suitable for ceramic and metal containers.

19. What should I do if the silicone bottle has a musty smell?

If the silicone bottle is put away for a long time, it will have a musty smell.Pay attention to cleaning at this time.

First, completely open the silicone bottle.The structure of the bottle made of this material is often complicated. It may have dust cap, handle, straw, bottle nipple, screw tooth, etc.After each component is removed, each part should be washed carefully. If it is the silicone bottle just bought for the baby, there will be a lot of bacteria on the bottle. Therefore, the first time you wash it, you must completely clean it.

Second, is to choose the right brush, because the material of silicone bottle is to use a very soft elastic silicone material, the hardness of silicone is actually not high, so parents in the cleaning have to pay special attention to, might as well use a clean sponge brush or cloth to clean, more convenient.

Finally, choose a good cleaner.Silica gel is also a kind of polymer material, the absorbability is very strong, the kind of colored lotion is not used, may cause the silica gel is colored, is not beautiful, there is baby special bottle cleaner on the market, might as well buy a little back, wash away the mold flavor is very simple.

20. How to maintain the silicone bottle?

Do not use microwave oven disinfection, easy to cause silicone bottles and microwave oven damage

Keep away from fire and hot metal

Store pacifiers in a cool, dry place out of reach of the baby and away from direct sunlight.

Before use, wash thoroughly with clean water and disinfect with disinfecting pan or put into boiling water for no more than 5 minutes before use.

Before each use, check the nipple for cracks or tooth marks. If there is any damage, replace the nipple with a new one.

In the process of use if the phenomenon of flat mouth, to increase the nipple suction and ventilation hole.


 Above is the related content of the silicone bottle organized by kean, which basically covers all the problems related to the silicone bottle. I hope it will be helpful to you.Silica gel design r & d looking for KEAN.

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