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1/3/2018Can babies start teething at 2 months?

Most babies in 4-6 weeks after birth, the oral cavity and gum edge on both sides palatal midline appeared some yellowish white dot, resembling is grow teeth, commonly known as "the horse tooth" or "die", is called on medicine epithelial bead, epithelial bead is composed of epithelial cell accumulation, is a normal physiological phenomenon, is not a disease, "the horse tooth" does not affect the growth of baby milk and baby teeth, it for a few months after birth will gradually fall off, some babies by malnutrition, "the horse tooth" cannot fall off in time, this also haven't much hinder, don't need to heal. If "the horse tooth" is too large, affect the baby to suck milk, available 2% mercurochrome disinfection, with sterile needle prick "the horse tooth", release content, can heal.

Also do not rule out the possibility of the child's teething, to properly keep the oral clean baby teeth start to be able to start the time of the majority in 6~8 months, the earliest can be in 4 months, the later is the first one full year of life is not long.

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