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12/22/2017Silicone teether usage in baby different ages

The tooth growth of babies of different ages is inconsistent, so the method of using silicone teether is not consistent.
Baby teeth can be divided into four stages:

Teething phase

At this time, baby teeth have not yet come out, in the embryonic stage.
At this time the baby's gums are prone to itching and so on. The main function of silicone teether is to relieve the baby's symptoms.
The mother can refrigerate the silicone teether, reduce its temperature, alleviate the effect better.
Can choose annular silicone teether, convenient for children to grab.

silicone teether

6 months

Most of the baby's lower jaw teeth are grown at this stage, and there are more options, where the silicone teether with  can relax the sensitivity of the gums and massage the teeth that have just come out.
The choice of uneven surface products can promote baby brain development.
Choose a harder product to help massage your gums and stimulate your teeth to grow.

Four teeth grow out of the top and bottom

When the baby's four front teeth and the side of the canine tooth grow, can choose to contain two different products.
The size and shape should be suitable for the baby's grasp. If the product is cute and bright, the child will also play as a toy.
Normally also can place in freezer, use to take out, use in this way more comfortable and convenient.

easy hold silicone teether

1 to 2 years old

The baby's teeth have grown so much that the protection of the teeth is the focus.
It is recommended to use silicone teether that has a solid tooth function. The style should be interesting to distract the baby and let them forget their dental problems for a while.
Clean your silicone teether and put them in the fridge.

baby teething mitten

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