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12/19/2017Type of baby teething toys

For the baby's different stages of tooth growth, the merchants has launched different baby teething toys.
Some gums have uneven surface and more teeth grinding.
Some baby teething toys are cold and soft, the massage is more soothing.
Even some baby teething toys give a baby's favorite flavor, such as fruit or milk.

baby teething toys pacifier

The pacifier styles

The shape of the baby teething toys pacifier styles is roughly the same as the pacifier.
But pacifiers tend to make babies develop habits that can be relied on for long.
And the baby teething toys pacifier does not have such situation, its weight is light, small volume, convenient darling grasp.
The nipple is very soft and the baby can have a massage when it bites.
The baby can be used to stimulate the growth of the baby teeth.

voice type baby teething toys

The voice type baby teething toys

When used, it can make a sound and attract the baby's attention, thus relaxing the baby and forgetting the discomfort caused by the growth of the teeth.
In the meantime, the soft material can help the baby massage the gums, making the teeth better.
It is suitable for the whole long tooth phase.

Anti-falling baby teething toys

Anti-falling baby teething toys

There is a ribbon with a button on the Anti-falling baby teething toys. There is a clip on the ribbon that can be clamped on the baby's clothes.
The main purpose is to prevent the baby from dropping the teething toys to the ground, causing the bacterial dust and other contamination, to bring the virus bacteria into the body.
This baby teething toys is suitable for the whole long tooth stage.

When to give baby teething toys?

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