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12/15/2017What is teether?

What is teether?

Teether can also be called a molar rod, molar teeth, and suitable for baby teething.
The baby can relieve gum pain or itching by biting and sucking the teether.
In addition, it can also cultivate the ability of the teeth to bite, strengthen the teeth, and bring the baby a sense of security.
Teether are mainly within 3 months to 2 years old baby design, general lovely modelling, have cartoon, food and other shapes, using environmental protection non-toxic safety material production, is the silicone more, minority is soft plastic.

what is silicone teether

What is silicone teether?

Silicone teether made from food grade silicone or medical grade silicone materials, is the most secure and useful teether in the market

Silicone Teether Function

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