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12/21/2017when to give baby teething toys?

When the baby is four months old, it starts to grow teeth, and it's time to start using baby teething toys.
Some baby tooth develops early, begin grow tooth in more than three months, some baby is late, About ten months old the teeth begin to develop, belong to normal phenomenon.
Mothers should choose baby teething toys in time to help the baby through the germination period.

baby teething toys

In addition to long dental time, different baby teeth are also different.
Some of the baby's gums begin to itch before the teeth. Some of the babies have teeth that are very painful. Some of the babies grow the upper teeth first, and some babies grow the inferior teeth first.
Mothers often Carefully observed to the baby, and if they find signs of teething discomfort, they can begin to prepare the baby teething toys for the baby.

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