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8/21/2020Does The Silicone Product Smell Normal?

Everyone knows that pure silicone raw materials are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, but silicone products have undergone silk screen printing, hand-feeling oil spray, YM process, IMD process, laser engraving, glue, water paste and other processes. After these processes are completed, they will have a different taste. It may happen. This is extremely prominent in silicone products. It is quickly seen that the generation of peculiar smell is most likely to occur in various processes after molding.

Generally, the processes that cause the most pungent smell of silicone products and plastic products are: silk screen and spray oil. The silk-screened raw materials may have a pungent taste, and the silicone product will have a distinct smell after the silk-screening is completed. However, silicone products caused by silk screen printing are also normal phenomena. If left for two or three days under natural ventilation, the smell will disappear naturally.

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