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9/2/2020Food Grade Silicone Dishwashing Brush

 Originated in Europe and America, popular in Japan and South Korea, food-grade silicone raw materials are used as the main material, processed by high temperature vulcanization, and made by mold hydraulic molding process. It has the characteristics of non- sticky, soft and durable. Both sides of the product have dense burrs. The design can better remove the oil stains on the pots and pans without leaving dead corners, which is an excellent magic weapon for washing pots and dishes and doing housework.

 For silicone products such as silicone dishwashing brushes used in daily life, people will not only worry about its safety and practicality, but also consider its price and many other factors. Under normal circumstances, the price of a custom-made product by a silicone product factory will vary due to factors such as material quality, size specifications, brand, etc., and the unit price of a dishwashing brush for this smaller silicone product will generally not exceed $10. , It is relatively economical.

 There are many manufacturers of silicone rubber brushes, and silicone products can be molded by hydraulic molding. The specific customized production process mainly includes the following steps: mold opening according to drawings or physical samples, proofing, sample confirmation, mass production, quality control , Balance, packaging, warehousing and delivery, etc. There are many advantages to using silica gel to wash dishes, such as being soft and not handy, removing oil without leaving dead corners, anti-scalding and high temperature resistance, etc. It can be used in cold or hot weather, and the operation is very simple.

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