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2/19/2020So how to choose a qualified high-quality silicone products manufacturer?

So how to choose a qualified high-quality silicone products manufacturer?

Silicone product customization process

  The custom silicone product industry belt is the first choice. Currently, silicone manufacturers are mainly concentrated in the three major cities of Shenzhen, Dongguan, and Huizhou in Guangdong. Secondly, professional technology and rich experience can make you take a lot of detours when customizing products. Facing the custom category Silicone products test whether a silicone product factory can take on this role and whether it can independently manufacture silicone molds becomes one of the audit criteria. The quality of a silicone mold determines the dimensional accuracy of the silicone product and the efficiency of manual edge removal.

  Regarding the price, don't blindly choose suppliers based on price. It is recommended to choose based on the customization experience of silicone manufacturers. You must know that you pay for a penny. The cheap price brings you not a discount, but low-quality silicone products and Poor after-sale service; of course, the smaller the quantity of customized silicone products, the higher the price, the higher the price. You need to know that customized silicone products mainly account for the bulk of labor costs. Finally, the company's size, personnel, equipment, and supporting silk screen spraying oil drops Surface technology such as glue is also one of the exquisite items.

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