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4/1/2020Which silicone products are suitable for polishing?

In the production of some silicone products in the appearance of parts, occasionally some of the products of some black spots or impurities, you can see the kind of, some of them can be polished, to avoid the direct waste.

KEAN silicone

Some products need the overall structural effect, and after polishing may lead to local deformation of products, products can not meet the requirements, such as some decorative sealing, dust, decorative products.

On the other hand, it is necessary to see which kind of bad products are polished. Generally, there are black spot impurities. If the black spot impurities are felt to be deeper and larger, they can only be used as waste products.

Correct method of polishing silicone products:

1. General products can be divided into forward and reverse rubber, specific needs to be careful to see its face is facing that side, so in polishing the product is to distinguish between the right and the wrong, by the square to keep the entire face of the product to keep uniform, if you feel the surface of the grinding burr edge protruding, you may make the reverse.

2. The overall effect of the face needs to be maintained when polishing. After removing the black spots, clean the area about 5mm beyond the black spots to maintain symmetry.

3. For the quality of products, it is better to clean up and maintain a good production environment.

Above is the relevant content of the polishing of silica gel products arranged by kean. There is no trivial matter in the production.

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