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4/3/2020Why choose a silicone barbecue brush for barbecue?

When you go out for a buffet barbecue, you usually bring ordinary brushes to brush the oil. Sometimes the bristles fall and it is more troublesome to clean the back. At this time, the advantages of silicone barbecue oil brushes come out. Keyan Silicone explains the characteristics and advantages of silicone barbecue oil brushes.

Silicone brush

   Why choose a silicone barbecue brush for barbecue?

   The main effect of the silicone barbecue oil brush is the protruding head of the product, the temperature of the baked food is high, and the hair of the brush head will be almost lost when using the ordinary fiber brush for a long time, and the nylon material is not enough to season the food. Even.

   Silicone barbecue brushes can withstand high temperatures of up to 250 degrees due to the material of silicone products, which is perfect for barbecues, and the brush head and the handle are integrally formed, with a certain pulling force and softness, and the hardness is soft. With just. The perfect place to go out for a barbecue.

   Silicone brush production process and common problems:

   1. The production process of silicone brushes is a relatively complicated type of silicone products. Because the brush head is densely packed, the gap between the brush head and the brush head is directly related to the adult use effect and appearance structure of a product.

   2. After the high precision discharge process in the mold process, the brush head part may not be completely displayed, so some parts of many silicone brushes may be tilted.

   3. Solve the product's toughness and rebound strength, and improve the product's rebound strength is to solve the overall coverage of the brush, the second is the mold clamping line and flatness of the brush head, whether the brush head demolding effect Qualification and other factors.

  The above is the related content of silicone barbecue brushes organized by Keyan. The advantages of silicone brushes over ordinary brushes are very obvious. You can buy them and try them. If you buy silicone outdoor products, Kean Silicone will definitely give you a full score.

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