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4/1/2020What are the application scope of silicone gasket

Silicone gasket is a considerable area of silicone field, in which household necessities gasket, sensing silicone sheet, mechanical seal sheet, food grade silicone sheet are very commonly used, koan today about these three aspects have what application and impact?

KEAN silicone

1, household products, gaskets, common household gasket gasket can be classified as a commodity, such as common eat mat, table mat, is made of the main causes of the silicone material can prevent desktop is impaired, the stronger adsorption performance can prevent boiler bowl sliminess, at the same time take to heat insulation effect, eat mat products are mainly made of environmental protection grade silicone material appearance as the theme in general, so for the color and pattern is more important!

2, sensing silica gel sheet, this kind of products are mainly used for electronic semiconductor, such as conductive silica gel sheet, hot silica sheet, etc., because silica gel products in addition to the catalyst has a certain electrostatic and conductive properties, in which embedded metal sheet, conductive black particles and paint to achieve the sensing effect!This type of product is now a must on every electronic device!

3, food grade silica gel sheet, as a daily use, medical equipment and human body contact products for a long time it must be used in this type of products, such as pot cover seal, connectivity shock absorbers, and so on, this kind of products must reach the environmental protection level testing certification.

4, mechanical seal, widely used, powerful role, in different industries in the mechanical gasket and cushion gasket can be said to be the most common type of products, this kind of miscellaneous accessories is also one of the main silicone products manufacturers, and different use environment and performance can be selected different materials.

The above is about the family necessities gasket, sensing silica gel sheet, mechanical seal sheet, food grade silica gel sheet role and range.Silicone gasket is applicable to a very wide range, mainly talked about this several range and role.

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