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12/28/2017What’s the best water bottle do you think?

As everyone knows, Water is one of the most thing for peoples survival. So there are many kinds of water bottles in the market. Every body need take a water bottle when outdoor. Its the obbligato part of people life.

What kind of water bottle do you want to get? The plastic one, the stainless steel or the silicone collapsible water bottle?

Nowadays, as the economy improves, there is no problem of food and clothing. People pay more and more attention to the healthy. And has high request for water bottles. The material is one of the most important choice. Plastic always contain dangerous chemicals, especially for hot water, there will be create harmful substance. And plastic will polluted air, So many country such as America and Europe dont like it. The stainless steel water bottle quality is much better than plastic ones. Most of this kind of bottle made of food grade stainless steel, there is no any harmful chemical element release. But before you use it, the cleaning work is very important. Generally, need water with vinegar for over 12h. Or you can use rice to instead of vinegar, and shake it, keep this rice water in it or over 12h also. Then wash it with clean water.

The disadvantage of the stainless steel water bottle is its too heavy, not very convenient for people to take out. Especially for outdoor sports. So the light material water bottle is more popular than stainless steel one.  What the material it is? Yes, Silicone. Food grade silicone, FDA 100% BPA FREE. Its save enough and very easy to carry out.

There are many advantage for silicone water bottle,  Its collapsible that can save 2/3 space. Medical grade liquid silicone; Leak proof Design; Large capacity and enviromental; Nondeformable medical grade silicone and reusable; Authorized certification FDA, BPA Free,LFBG; Durable, soft, wear proof,cold-resistant,high temperature resistance; Portative and folding to mini size 12.5*275px; 55mm large bottleneck; Return air button function;Can screen print logo;                                                                1,The material is medical grade liquid silicone, FDA  100% BPA Free. Heat Resistance range  -40~120; Very light, about 180g, and collapsible design makes it easy to carry everywhere;

What kind of water bottle do you think is the best one? I think its silicone one, how do you think?

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