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10/6/2017The Dangers of Plastic Water Bottles

Do you pay attention that what’s material of your water bottles? The steel, plastic, ceramics, silicone, or something else? The plastic is a kind of artificial synthetic material, it’s the organic macromolecule polymer.  Most of the litter seen on streets is fast food packaging. These plastic packaging does not break down easily. This will bring environmental issue. Plastic can't digest, Animals can cause death when ingested.  Most plastics have certain toxicity, polystyrene and so on.  The conductivity of plastic is very poor, Manufactured goods, especially when made into clothing, tend to accumulate static electricity. After the plastic product is made into clothing, breathability and water absorption are very poor, especially close-fitting weariness. There are many additives in plastic processing, many of which are carcinogenic.

So it’s not a good choice to choose plastic material water bottle. Which material we need? Yes, the silicone collapsible water bottler is a perfect choice for outdoor drinking. It’s food grade silicone, FDA 100% BPA free, can keep temperature between -40°C~120 °C. No any damage for our healthy.

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