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11/3/2017How To Cut Silicone Drink Bottle To Make Wind Chimes

In order to resource recycling, When we give you recycle refused to remember art projects. Many people appreciate listening to a wind chime tinkling in the breeze. A homemade wind chime might be even more enjoyable, especially when you make one using recyclable materials. Cut a to make wind chimes, using assorted embellishments to hang from the drink bottles that will create gentle sounds when the wind hits them.

At first, you need 1~2 liter plastic silicone drink bottle Ruler Permanent marker Scissors Hole punch Nail Hammer Squeezable puffy paint Fishing line Metal beads, bells or metal washers

Hold the plastic silicone drink bottle right side up and measure about 6 inches down from the top all the way around the bottle. Draw a line at this point with the permanent marker.

In the place of the top have a cutting edge of blade, we need to push it to plastic start cutting, then used scissors to cut open along the line, but the plastic silicone drink bottle ultimately responds is set at the bottom of the bottles used for another purpose or recycling.

Punch holes about 1 inch above the cut edge of the plastic silicone drink bottle with the hole punch. Make four holes, spacing them an equal distance apart along the edge of the bottle.

The bottleneck of three plastic silicone water bottle cut a dot, respectively, and then use the rope tied three plastic silicone water bottle neck firmly.Then use scissors to cut off the three plastic  silicone water bottle at the bottom of.In three plastic silicone water bottle mouth open three holes, each hole to wear a little fishing line, a total of nine fishing line, plastic silicone bottle at the top of the rope must be strong. Remember when the rope is good, we will be prepared ahead of time the bell system in each of the fishing line. The average plastic silicone water bottle put all 5 ~ 8 bells.At the end of the rope we must be sure to remember deeply.When each completed, a wind chime.

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