4/8/2020How do you clean Silicone travel bottles?

   Method for cleaning and disinfecting silicone travel bottle

   1. Warm water washing method (applicable to skin care water)

   First of all, you need to prepare some warm water, you must remember that the water should not be too hot, silicone travel bottling, please consider boiling water.

   With warm boiling water, the travel bottle needs to be rinsed with warm water about 10-15 times. Then use a hair dryer to open the cold wind and dry it with the maximum wind. The silicone travel bottle after drying will not breed bacteria.

Penguin silicone travel bottle

   2. Vinegar disinfection method (applicable to shower gel and conditioner)

   Vinegar is a weak acid with a certain disinfecting effect. This method can be used to sterilize sub-bottles. After sterilizing the bottle, it should be washed with water.

   3. Alcohol disinfection method (applicable to toothpaste, shampoo)

   First, rinse with water, then with detergent, then rinse with water, then disinfect with alcohol. Dispose of bottles containing alcohol and let them dry in a ventilated place.

   Flip silicone travel bottle

   Second, clean the silicone travel bottle with perfume

   1. Fill the perfume bottle with equal parts of white vinegar and warm water. Shake the bottle gently to mix the liquid.

   2. Leave the liquid in the bottle for one hour before pouring.

   3. Add warm water to the perfume bottle until it is close to 50-75%.

   4. Add one teaspoon of neutral dishwashing liquid and one teaspoon of uncooked rice. These two components can decompose and remove grease and other viscous substances in perfume bottles.

Spray bottle

   5. Gently shake the perfume bottle again for about 30 seconds to allow rice and dishwashing liquid to contact all parts of the bottle.

   6. Keep these ingredients in the bottle for one hour.

   7. Empty the bottle and rinse thoroughly with warm water. After the perfume bottle has dried, it can be used again.

   8. If you plan to use spray, soak the nozzle and nozzle in the vinegar mixture for 15 minutes. After taking it out, let it dry overnight.

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