7/11/2017How many travel bottles in kean, what is the size and capacity do you have? How many colors do you have?

10 models, T0-T10

T0: 39*125mm/ 39*100mm/ 39*80mm       37/60/89ml; 1.25/2/3oz    Clear, Pastel green, Pink, Blue, Orang Pink

T1: 66.5*130mm/ 60*116mm /58*92m      37/60/89ml; 1.25/2/3oz    Clera Bule Pink


T2: 48*105mm/45*83mm/58*92mm          37/55/85ml; 1.25/2/3oz    Turquoise, Blue, Clear, Red

T3: 42*92mm/ 50*108mm/55*127mm        37/60/89ml; 1.25/2/3oz    Clear Green Blue Orange Pink Purple

T4: 45*98/ 45*145 mm                  37/98ml; 1.25/3.3oz       Clear Blue Red

T5: 35*100/35*127mm                   48/78; 1.5/2.5oz          Green, Orange pink, Blue, Purple

T6: 57*126mm                          83; 2.7oz                 Translucent white, gray-green, orange pink

T7: 47*132mm                          89; 3oz                   Clear, Turquoise Blue, Orchid, charcoal gray

T8: 65*120mm                          89; 3oz                   Watermelon Red, Lemon, Orange, Navy Blue, Light Green

T10: 45*85/48*105/51*127mm            37/60/89ml; 1.25/2/3oz    Clear, Pink, Orange, Light blue, Blue

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