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11/4/2017Best Gifts for Travelers - Filtered Water Bottle

Traveler's health gift: filtered water bottle

Source and filter a water bottle when you move any we can endure what had happened to our seas and rare sea creatures, because plastic? Then let all vowed to give up the plastic!

Greenpeace, told us that we should be more concerned about we buy a bottle.I learned about our distribution of plastics and chemical leak into our water and the sea.

Here are a few video circulation is a truly amazing things - this is shocking!!There is an interesting video about our water really is how precious.

Such as water related topics here, I talk about filtering is a reusable water bottle type, no harmful chemicals.

I have never trusted bottled water and I'm not happy from the shop to buy it.I worry about bpa, in fact, I a complete fanatic about it, only buy bpa free bottled water.There is no doubt!(if you are not sure what is the bpa scroll down).

Can you recommend other bottle, I can add to this page?Please leave your comment.

Thank you very much for your coming.

Please vote before you go you buy bottled water?

Yes I do, please tell us why in the comments box at the end of this article)

I have no I don't use tap water (please tell us why in the comments box at the end of this article) to see survival results Berkey movement bottles of tiger drinking water source basic facts about the water

Water is very important for our health, many people don't drink the recommended daily requirements.

We lost a lot of water to form our body every day, mostly in the form of sweat and urine, which replaced must drink enough water every day, through the consumption of fresh raw food, drink other drinks such as tea and coffee, for example.

Added to our daily intake of we don't have to drink lots of water.

Plastic bottle leakage of dangerous chemicals into the water.Never drink water if you leave the plastic bottles in the car, it gets warm.

Water can help to control your weight, if you exercise regularly, you should drink plenty of water.I always when I go for a walk with one liter bottle of water a freshly squeezed lemon - it's a cleaner and water to drink.

There is no absolute power need to drink stay strong or calorie-free beverages stay thin.Drink water - do the same job, no calories.Some people lost a lot of weight just by changing what they drink.

Water purification by keeping you from within your normal function of bowl.When you don't let your liquid water is taken from the stool, the cause of constipation.

Water is very important, your skin, so if you want to look fresh and young, so this is your answer!

Water will make you feel more energetic, because it is suitable for your muscles.If you don't keep moisten your muscles will atrophy.It doesn't sound very scientific,

but it is true!

I drink a few cups of water, at least I make sure my family every meal?

I always have a good pot of cold water on the table a few slices of lemon or any it to make it attractive fruit.I drink green tea and green tea juice - all this has increased my fluid intake.

My son's acne have been greatly improved, because he started drinking green juice!

Swimming in the river source our river every summer we are lucky because we can swim in a beautiful cool flowing river.This is our treatment, rest, happy, exercise,

and our pleasure!

We went to Italy and keep the foot of mountain, nestle in the ligurian coast.My mother used to live in place, so as long as the school, let's go.

It gets very hot in August, we really don't like hot, so we wait until mid day the sun disappeared, and then we go to "we".Usually we call us because we only!

Italian people like the sea, they are more happy coast are crowded at the beach.Here we may encounter German tourists came across our secret river - and some local children,

who don't appreciate the real magic of place.But beyond that, we usually alone.

Our river is the source of amazing.Flow clean, strong, with dark green pool and huge rock, we can dive.There are fish, small to bite our toes, and great lies at the bottom of a deep pool.Have the crane and other birds to drink.Really is like heaven.

Our goal is to go to every day, even if we can only manage 30 minutes.Sometimes we go to twice a day.It become our friends.

Last year, but things are different.The weather is abnormal heat.Even if the italians, thrive under high temperature, who is suffering.Everyone to pray for rain,

but we are especially despair, because the beautiful river dried up.

Every day we can see, the water level drops, more and more full of moss.Finally, we can't swim in this because it is stagnant.

This is one of the most incredible experience my son!He is only 12 years old, our river is taken for granted, after all, it has been there, he learned to swim.

HoleA great books about animals and their drinking water.It is so beautiful illustrations.A masterpiece.All 5 star rating on amazon.

Buy now is not this year, in 2012, this year's dying.We are really at high temperature.We tried several times on the beach, but it is an hour drive to get there,

then where do you park?It's absolutely packed.Everyone is looking for the liberation of heat, so the beach is crowded with people.

But what's worse is the sea itself was very hot, very, very salty. The tap water in the home is very low, we dribble a bath!That can't stand the heat.

But two days before we go home the sky is full of clouds, so we went to the river, sitting in the bank, in the shade of sweet chestnut.

And sure enough it began to rain.Drops are small, but they quickly become huge, they quickly fall.We stood up and began to dance, smile and thank heavens send such amazing benefits.

We get wet, then run it, because it began to thunder.It rained all night and the thunder.The second day of our river is an absolute.Water is the highest we have seen, and in some places is broken levee, flooded the village!

We are completely shocked, because we are already disappeared in the gallons of brown surging river water.A deafening noise, taste very delicious!My son now know what water is.

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